How many stalls can one camera see?

This depends on the layout of your lot and the height of the camera. A traditional rectangular lot with aisles and rows with overhead lampposts or a building-mounted camera typically sees between 60-100 stalls per camera. Linear parking, such as the edge of a lot or curbside parking may see 15-40 stalls per camera.

Does the camera work at night?

The camera automatically adapts to different lighting conditions and will attempt to brighten a dark image, but only to a limit. If a parking lot is well-lit at night then the camera will work well, though it’s likely to be less accurate. If the parking lot is not well-lit at night then the camera will not be as accurate.

What about trees?

A MiStall camera can only count what it can see. Obstructions such as trees, fences, or outbuildings can prevent the camera from accurately counting stalls that are hidden or partially hidden from view. If several parking spaces are blocked, we will work with you on where best to install additional cameras ensure all your stalls can be seen.

How accurate is the counting?

Customers report 95% to 97% accuracy during daylight hours, with accuracy dropping to between 75% and 85% at night depending on available lighting.

Does the camera record video?

No.  The MiStall camera takes a snapshot of your lot each minute. Snapshots can be combined into an easy to share time-lapse video.

If two cameras see the same stalls do they count the stalls twice?

The system is designed to count each stall once, even if the stall can be seen by multiple cameras.  Stalls and cars are only tracked once.

What do parkers see? Do they see what the camera sees?

Only the parking operator can see the images taken by each camera. Parkers are limited to seeing only the number of available spaces; they cannot see the camera images. Optionally you can share real-time availability with your parkers on a map.

How do the cameras communicate?

Each camera has built-in cellular communications which keeps the data off your network.  MiStall manages the cellular plan, which is included in the price of the system.

Can I use my own cameras?

Yes, the system can receive a data feed from your own camera hardware. Cameras attached to the MiStall system need to:

  1. Generate images in a common format such as JPG or MPEG;
  2. Be taken from a fixed-position (that is no pan/tilt/zoom activity);
  3. The image quality must be sufficiently recognizable, generally 5Mp or better; and
  4. The stalls in the image are clear of obstructions.