They’re more than just cameras.  MiStall vehicle sensors use artificial intelligence to watch every vehicle in a surface lot or curb-side parking area.  An image is recorded every minute, giving you real-time visibility into your lots, and providing up-to-the-minute counts per parking space or stall.  You know exactly which spaces are full and which are empty in real-time.




Built-in key performance indicators provide insight into your parking operation.  Counts, dwell time (see image), and stall turnover are just a few of the KPIs built-in.  With accurate history you can use past-occupancy to predict future availability.







Using a simple web-based application on their smartphone browser parkers can quickly and easily see where spaces are available now, and in the future.  No login or download required, and you control what your parkers see.







Track specific spaces such as reserved spaces, EV spaces, or disabled spaces.  Monitor and count vehicles in non-spaces such as in front of a fire hydrant or the end of an aisle.  Receive alertswhen vehicles overstay their welcome in timed areas, EV stalls, or disabled spaces.  Use guided enforcement to dispatch enforcement to current “hot” spots.






MiStall helps determine the price elasticity of demand so that you can match customer satisfaction to maximal revenue through dynamic pricing recommendations.