An integrated solution to drive your bottom line

Our technology gives you live and up-to-the-minute statistics about lot occupancy. Through our unique combination of integrated camera hardware and software, parking operators know exactly how many stalls are available without the time and expense of manual counting.

With real time data about over and underused stalls, you can maximize revenue by adjusting time of use rates based on changing occupancy and demand.


Growing your parking business

The MiStall parking solution has been designed by parking industry experts specifically for the unique challenges and demands of surface parking operators. By empowering you with relevant data about your business, MiStall will allow you to maximize surface lot occupancy and revenue, make better & quicker decisions and, soon, offer real-time availability for your customers, making their journey, and your job, easier.



Seeing the impact that MiStall system can have on your parking business is easy. Just call our team to arrange for the installation of up to three cameras on a surface lot of your choosing. After installation, we will train your team on how to use our intuitive software to start analyzing the data our cameras capture. Immediately you will be able to see how data can grow your business and improve efficiencies. Our two month trial program is complementary. After that, our simple pricing model of $1 per stall per month will help you find new operational efficiencies, grow new revenue and better plan for regular parking patterns.